Project Description

  • GV-AATR01 Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Balun
  • GV-AATR01 analog audio extender
  • GV-AATR01 Stereo 2.0 audio extender
  • GV-AATR01 auido extender

Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Balun 2.0 Channel

Item: GV-AATR01

Input: R/L Stereo Audio (2*RCA)

Output: R/L Stereo Audio (2*RCA)

Extend 1000M by single CAT 5E/6 cable

The Stereo Hi – Fi Audio Balun allows one Analog Stereo Hi-Fi Audio to be transmitted Via Cat5/5e/6 Cable, up to 3250ft (1000m) in a point – to – point connection. It is built in surge suppressor to protect audio equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Its integrated groun loop isolation prevents annoying “hum-bars” common noise with long distance installations.

The product is designed for audio applications where full-range, hi-fidelity audio frequency response is required. Used in pairs, the Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Balun eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable, allowing audio equipment to be connected or moved within a structured cabling environment.

  • 2-CH Stereo HI-FI Audio Long Distance Transmission
  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz bandwidth
  • Up to 3250ft (1,000m) via Cat5/5e/6
  • Cost-efficient cabling
  • Quicker moves, adds and changes

GV-AATR01 specification

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